We love it when people buy and sell sustainable homes because it creates activity in a market that needs more exposure. For the Realtors around the country who are fighting to make sustainable homes the norm and homeowners who want to use sustainable housing to increase their selling price, we offer these tips to help position your green home to sell for more money. We believe that the value in having a green home will come out when the sales agreement is put in place, and you can help that process along by doing a few things to highlight the sustainable nature of a home.

Have the Paperwork Ready

Is your newer home LEED-certified? LEED certification is the most commonly recognized green home certification in the country, and it can even lead to a lower interest rate and tax breaks for the buyer. When it is time to sell your green home, be sure you have all of the paperwork necessary to prove that your home is LEED-certified.

Get a Green-Experienced Realtor

Realtors with experience in the green market should advertise their experience because there are homeowners looking for Realtors who know how to sell a green home. An experienced Realtor can advise a homeowner on methods for adding sustainability to a home that is not currently sustainable without pricing the home out of the market. For example, replacing every window and door in the home with new, energy-efficient models may cause the homeowner to have to price the home out of the reach of prospective buyers. But putting in new insulation and replacing the insulation around each door and window is a green remodeling project that is more affordable.

Keep Those Green Receipts

Did you install more energy-efficient appliances in your kitchen last year in anticipation of selling your home? Then you had better keep those receipts to prove that the appliances are part of a sustainable home. Whenever you do anything to your home that makes it more sustainable, always keep the receipts so you can prove to a prospective buyer that they are getting a home that is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Remember Functionality

It is true that remodeling your bathroom or kitchen to look modern will do a lot to attract potential buyers. But people looking for a sustainable home will look past the beautiful new fixtures and ask questions about green products. If you install a new toilet, make sure it uses as little water as possible. Resurfacing your kitchen counters instead of replacing them is a great way to recycle current items but still get a new look.

There is a growing market of consumers who want to buy sustainable homes, and you want to be able to capture that market when you put your home up for sale. By taking the necessary steps, you can get a little more for your home at closing because your home offers more value to someone interested in green construction.