We act as a central hub for resource materials on a variety of subjects pertaining to sustainable housing and green construction. We have experts available for Realtors, homeowners, and contractors, and we also have a library of resources anyone can use to learn more about this important topic.

In order to help us spread the word about sustainable housing, we need advocates to speak to contractors and members of the community to help underscore the importance of sustainable housing. We need homeowners and Realtors who want to be active in their communities to help make their communities better places to live thanks to sustainable housing.

Sustainable housing uses the natural resources around us every day to generate energy and reduce the homeowner’s reliance on outside systems. A sustainable home uses sunlight to generate electricity, heat the home, and heat the water used to wash dishes and take showers. A sustainable home also utilizes recycled materials to keep construction costs down and decrease the home’s overall carbon footprint.

Sustainable housing is built using green construction methods and materials. Green construction includes installing insulated windows to prevent heat loss, using building methods that decrease the dependence on gasoline and other fuels, and re-using materials found on the site such as soil and trees for landscaping.

Sustainable housing can help to preserve our environment, and it will also help to slow the use of our finite resources. Water recycling methods are used in sustainable housing to make sure that not a drop is wasted. The wind and sun are used to help generate energy and reduce the reliance on power generated at a fossil-fuel-burning power plant. If we take these actions now to reduce waste and help improve the environment, then we will leave a better world to our children. Sustainable housing is also cheaper to maintain, which can ensure that families will be able to afford the homes they live in.

We want to put sustainable housing advocates in communities all over the country to help others understand the importance of green construction and environmental preservation. We invite any homeowner or Realtor who is willing to go out into their community and get others to understand the vital importance of promoting sustainable housing to contact us today to learn how you can become one of our valuable advocates.