If you have made the decision to enjoy the benefits of a sustainable house but you do not want to start from scratch by building one, then your only alternative is to buy an existing sustainable home. While green home-building methods have been around for a while, there are not a lot of green homes on the market. If you really want to get into a sustainable home, then you will need to know what to look for when you start looking at potential properties.

Newer Is Better

There is a difference between older homes and newer homes that can go beyond green construction methods. Even if a newer home was not built to be green-certified, contemporary zoning laws often help to create a home that is, at least in part, sustainable. Newer homes tend to utilize natural light better, they have more energy-efficient windows, and they have more efficient insulation. Older homes were built for space and appearance and not efficiency, so older homes are not going to offer the types of green construction methods you are looking for.

Signs of Sustainable Energy

Not every home that has solar panels on it was built to green standards, but solar panels are still a significant part of sustainable housing. When you tour homes, look for renewable energy sources such as solar panels, windmills, and water turbines to help keep you off of the grid and avoid generating greenhouse gases.

Room Size

Homes designed to be energy-efficient have smaller rooms and lower ceilings. This is because it requires less energy to heat and cool smaller rooms. If you want to save money on your monthly energy bills and buy into a home that can be easily remodeled to be sustainable, then start with a home that has small rooms and low ceilings.


One of the details that people leave out of living in a sustainable home is reducing the amount of emissions that come from driving a car. Your sustainable home should not only save you money on your heating bills, but it should also be close to stores and public bus routes so it can save you money on gas as well. When you use public transportation and walk more often, you avoid putting more harmful fumes into the environment. That is a big part of living the life of a green homeowner.