We often get asked if there is a financial benefit to owning a sustainable home. The benefits to creating a better world and a cleaner community are obvious, but the financial benefits may not be as easily recognizable. People often get confused about the financial benefits of a sustainable home when they see the price tags that are attached to some of these homes.

Trust us, we understand the financial implications of buying a home. But if you had the choice of paying more up front for a home that will save you thousands of dollars in operating costs for the years to come, wouldn’t you consider that a smart investment? Some of the ways that sustainable homes save money are readily obvious, and some are a bit more difficult to see. We want to make sure that you have all of the information you need to become excited about sustainable housing, which is why we offer this short list of the financial benefits of green homes.

Energy Bills

Sustainable homes are built with higher insulation standards, and they are also equipped with alternative energy sources such as windmills, solar panels, and water power devices where applicable. In many cases, a sustainable home is able to power itself without using any power from the public grid at all. The worst-case scenario has your alternative energy sources reducing your energy bills considerably. When you own a green home, you save money on all of your energy bills every month of the year.

Energy Sales

People are often surprised when we tell them that many sustainable homes generate so much energy that the homeowners sell the energy back to the public grid at a profit. It does not take long for people to see the benefits of not only getting free energy from alternative energy sources but generating an income by selling excess energy back to the community.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Alternative energy systems tend to require significantly less maintenance than standard furnaces and natural gas devices. Alternative energy systems also tend to last longer without the need for repair or replacement than standard systems. When you add up the annual costs of heating and cooling maintenance and the occasional replacement costs, you can see just how much you save when you own a sustainable home.

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Homeowner’s Insurance Rates

The simple truth is that in most states, owners of sustainable homes pay less for homeowner’s insurance than people who have homes built with standard methods. You will also find that some insurance companies offer an additional discount on the homeowner’s insurance rates of sustainable homes, which compounds the savings every year.