As part of our mission to promote sustainable housing, we feel it is necessary to point out the environmental as well as financial benefits to green homes. For homeowners, green homes are easier to maintain and cost significantly less to own. You can even arrange it so that your green home makes you a bit of a profit by selling back the energy you generate and don’t use to the public grid. But the environmental benefits of green homes are just as important if not more important in the grand scheme of things than the financial benefits.

Lower Emissions

Sustainable housing does not rely on power generated by local power plants. With a sustainable home, the majority of the power used is generated on the property itself using the sun, wind, and moving water. A large majority of American power plants operate by burning coal.

When coal is burned, it gives off a toxic cloud that contains a variety of gases that are dangerous to the environment. Coal-burning power plants poison the air around them, and that kills animals and creates acid rain. When you use a sustainable home, you reduce how much of that poison gets into the air and help to reduce the environmental damage power plants can do.

Reduce and Recycle

In order for a home to be called sustainable and reap financial benefits for the homeowner, it must be constructed using green construction materials. These are materials that are either natural or made from recycled materials. Using green construction materials reduces the amount of chemicals that old construction materials leak into the ground water, and it also reduces the amount of space used in landfills.

Fresh water is a limited resource, especially in the drier parts of the country. A sustainable home has many ways to conserve water and prevent wasting precious fresh water. If you want to do the environment a favor, then insist on living in a sustainable home that uses things like a cistern to collect rainwater and a gray-water collection and reuse system to conserve the water that future generations will need.

To learn more about how living in a house that was built using green construction methods can help preserve the environment, you can talk to a green-certified construction company and check out these resources: