Our Mission

At the Sustainable Housing and Realty Foundation, we believe that education is the key to creating an environmentally friendly future. Our mission is to act as a reliable resource for home buyers, homeowners, Realtors, contractors, and anyone else who wants to better understand the benefits of sustainable housing. Through our Internet presence, we hope to:

  • Inspire others to look at their communities as a place where sustainable housing can help create a better community to live in
  • Motivate Realtors and contractors to fight to implement more green building methods for new homes and utilize green remodeling processes for existing homes
  • Educate everyone about the importance of green construction and how taking action now can help preserve the environment for our children and grandchildren
  • Show Realtors just how much effect they can have on how new homes are built in their communities
  • Help homeowners and contractors to realize the cost savings that come from green building methods and sustainable housing in general

Our Experts

Susan A. Pilcher

Susan A. Pilcher has been at the forefront of the sustainable housing movement for many years. She is known for going into communities interested in sustainable housing and providing seminars that educate people on the realities of green construction. As a Realtor, she is responsible for shifting the focus away from traditional construction in the communities she works in and moving that focus to sustainable housing.

Pilcher achieved notoriety when she establish new sales records for sustainable housing in her region for three consecutive quarters. As our realty consultant, Pilcher is available to offer updated information on green construction methods and coach Realtors on the benefits of insisting on sustainable housing for their communities.

Jason G. Abbott
Environmental Engineer

Jason G. Abbott has been studying alternative energy resources for years, and he has acted as a construction consultant on several housing community projects. His specialty is green construction methods, and he has published several articles outlining some innovative green construction processes that are currently in use.

As our environmental engineer, Abbott is available to consult with homeowners, Realtors, or contractors on any subject pertaining to sustainable housing and green construction. Many of the projects Abbott has been involved with have been large-scale residential remodeling projects where he successfully introduced the idea of utilizing green construction materials and methods instead of more traditional processes.