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For many years now, concerns about the environment have been increasing. Not only are people worried that mankind may have permanently damaged the environment, but the limited supply of certain natural resources means that alternatives will have to be found sooner rather than later.

The Sustainable Housing and Realty Foundation is ready to work with home builders, home buyers, and Realtors to develop ways to create more sustainable housing and preserve our environment. Sustainable housing utilizes as many natural resources as possible, without creating harmful emissions or waste. Not only does this approach help to stop the damage being done to the environment, but it makes homeownership more affordable for everyone.

      For Builders

We are ready to help builders understand how green construction methods can help to make a difference in the communities where they build. We are also sensitive to the business aspects of contracting, which means that we can show contractors how green construction methods can add profit to the bottom line. From utilizing recycled building materials to installing environmentally friendly heating systems in new homes, builders have many options to help them make a difference in the world around them.

For Realtors

Realtors can make a difference by driving demand for sustainable housing and making environmentally friendly communities a reality. Realtors can get active in their local communities and help to eliminate the obstacles to green construction methods, and they can alter the perception of green construction among the community at large.

For Homeowners

Our mission is to make life better for homeowners and entire communities through the promotion of sustainable housing. We can show you how to take your current home and make it more environmentally friendly. We have resources that will explain how green technology can save you money and make your life better. We understand that a community wants to have access to the best possible ways to better the lives of its residents. We believe that sustainable housing is the wave of the future, and we want to show you and your community how you can get involved right now.

Contact us today to find out how we can enrich your life or business with information on sustainable housing. By reusing the simple resources we have access to every day, we can decrease our dependence on fossil fuels. By understanding just how much of a difference a community can make for the environment by altering the way it lives, we know that the world will become a better place.

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